State of Emergency in Egypt and Israel's Parliamentary Elections

30/01/2013 5:03 pm

In this Middle East Analysis podcast, we're once again joined by our consultant on the region Dr Harry Hagopian who focuses today on the state of emergency in Egypt and also looks back at Israel's parliamentary elections.

If you've clicked on the embedded video above, you'll realise that we've done things a little differently this time around. For our second podcast of 2013, you can actually see Dr Hagopian as well as hear him. We've decided that periodically we will film a podcast recording so you can put faces to the names (you will, however, have to excuse a few tight camera angles and a bit of studio clutter!). 

Middle East Analysis is, and will remain, an MP3 podcast available here on catholicnews.org.uk and through iTunes so if you'd prefer, you can listen to or download the full podcast can be downloaded/played at the top right-hand corner of this page.

Duration: 17m 37s

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If you have downloaded the podcast and want to pick out a specific subject, here are the timings:

Introduction: Start → 1m 33s

State of emergency in Egypt: 1m 34s → 10m 38s

Israel's parliamentary elections: 11m 6s → 16m 27s

Note: these timings apply to the audio mp3 only.


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In our second 'Middle East Analysis' of 2013, our consultant on the MENA region, Dr Harry Hagopian, looks at Egypt in a state of emergency and Israel's Parliamentary Elections.   MEA-2013-2.mp3 8.03 MB

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Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose! is an article by Dr Harry Hagopian looking at Israel - Palestine in light of the former's parliamentary elections.