20/09/2013 5:21 pm

Democracy and MENA - Realistic? Reasonable?

In this podcast, Dr Harry Hagopian, the Bishops' MENA consultant, looks at the shape of democracy in the MENA region in light of the uprisings of the last three years. Is democracy a realistic or reasonable aim? Is it possible in the long-term? 

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08/11/2013 5:36 pm

Middle East North Africa: From Arafat and Morsi to Iranian Uranium

In today's Middle East Analysis podcast, international lawyer Dr Harry Hagopian dons his legal wig for an extended MENA region round-up. Our consultant and regular studio guest looks at the possible poisoning of Yasser Arafat, the deferred trial of former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, Iranian uranium, Syria and the regional role of The World Council of Churches. 

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23/10/2013 5:50 pm

Turkey: One foot in Europe, one in the Middle East

In today's Middle East Analysis podcast, international lawyer Dr Harry Hagopian, our regional consultant and regular studio guest, heads to the studio fresh (or perhaps jaded) from ten days travelling throughout the MENA region. The country under the microscope in this programme is Turkey - a land that has one foot in Europe, the other in the Middle East.

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11/10/2013 3:42 pm

Libya: Militias, Politics and the need for Security

Middle East Analysis turns its lens on North Africa today and more specifically, Libya. Ali Zeidan, the country's Prime Minister, was abducted and held at gunpoint by armed captors in Tripoli during the early morning hours of 10 October 2013 before being released six hours later. This was allegedly, in retaliation to the capture of an al-Qaida suspect by US special forces last weekend. In today's podcast - and in fact vodcast - Bishops' consultant on the Middle East North Africa (MENA) region, international lawyer Dr Harry Hagopian, looks at the current instability in the country almost two years after the death of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

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23/09/2013 11:15 am

audioBoo: Palestinian President meets Archbishop Vincent Nichols

International lawyer and Middle East North Africa consultant Dr Harry Hagopian on the meeting between Archbishop Vincent Nichols, President of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. This is a clip uploaded to audio social platform audioBoo. 

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23/09/2013 10:50 am

audioBoo: Egypt's military - heroes or anti-heroes?

Middle East North Africa consultant Dr Harry Hagopian assesses the shifting but ever-present role of the military in shaping the landscape of Egypt in transition. Listen to the audioBoo clip by clicking for this article.

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20/09/2013 5:10 pm

Syria: Breaking the 'stalemate - atrocity - stalemate' cycle

The on-going crisis in Syria has followed a 'stalemate - atrocity - stalemate' cycle in the last four weeks with the tipping point the chemical attacks carried out on the Ghouta suburb of the capital Damascus on 21 August that claimed a reported 1,400 lives. Bishops' consultant on the Middle East North Africa (MENA) region, international lawyer Dr Harry Hagopian, analyses the current state of play and whether the events, rhetoric, posturing and international politics of the last month will lead to a breakthrough in the stalemate and open the way for a path to peace.

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01/08/2013 6:25 pm

Middle East North Africa: Regional Analysis

I hope you're ready for our latest Middle East Analysis as we have a comprehensive four-part podcast for you. Today we travel through the Middle East North Africa (MENA) region with Bishops' consultant and international lawyer Dr Harry Hagopian. We take a close look at whether we're any closer to a roadmap for peace between Israel and Palestine, tensions running high in a post-Morsi Egypt, the bloody, ongoing stalemate in Syria and finally the instability in Iraq. 

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05/07/2013 2:09 pm

Millions of Egyptians protest against President Morsi

The dramatic events unfolding in Egypt over the weekend have led us to release this Middle East Analysis - Extra podcast. On Sunday, 30 June, millions of people came together to demonstrate in Cairo's Tahrir Square demanding the resignation of President Mohamed Morsi - the largest-scale protests in the square since the 2011 revolution that toppled Hosni Mubarak.

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25/06/2013 6:35 pm

Neighbourhood Watch: Regional Fallout from the Syria Crisis

A month away from the turbulence of the Middle East North Africa region is a long time. Our regional consultant, Dr Harry Hagopian, has been traveling throughout MENA and returns to give us his unique insight on the last four weeks. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose as he might say (the more things change, the more they stay the same). In today's Middle East Analysis we're looking at the impact of the Syrian crisis on its near neighbours - particularly long-suffering Lebanon.

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22/05/2013 5:33 pm

Syria: When will the suffering end?

In today's Middle East Analysis we're looking at the ongoing turmoil and bloodshed in Syria. As the international community continues to debate the best approach to the crisis, we look at whether the time has come and gone for any satisfactory solution of intervention. And does intervention necessarily mean boots on the ground, or enforced no-fly zones facilitating corridors of safety for aid and refugees? 

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24/04/2013 6:45 pm

'Political Islam' in the Middle East North Africa region

In today's Middle East Analysis we're looking at the rise of 'Political Islam' in the Middle East North Africa (MENA) region and the impact on its people. 

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05/04/2013 5:50 pm

Has the 'Arab Spring' Sprung?

In our first Middle East Analysis of spring, we rewind to late 2010, to Tunisia in North Africa, to examine the status of what was commonly described at the time as the 'Arab Spring'. Our consultant Dr Harry Hagopian uses this podcast to give his regional analysis returning to the central question: Has the Arab Spring sprung? 

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18/03/2013 7:03 pm

Crisis Point: Syrian Refugees

In this Middle East Analysis podcast, we look to the MENA region and analyse the desperate situation faced by more than two million refugees living, displaced, inside and outside Syria as a result of the bloody, two-year conflict in the country.

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19/02/2013 5:25 pm

Pope Benedict XVI and the Middle East North Africa region

In this Middle East Analysis podcast, we've departed from our regional analysis of MENA to react to the news of Pope Benedict XVI's decision to resign on 28 February 2013. Our consultant on the region, the international lawyer and analyst Dr Harry Hagopian, gives his personal take on the Holy Father and his impact on the Middle East North Africa region.

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30/01/2013 5:03 pm

State of Emergency in Egypt and Israel's Parliamentary Elections

In this Middle East Analysis podcast, we're once again joined by our consultant on the region Dr Harry Hagopian who focuses today on the state of emergency in Egypt and also looks back at Israel's parliamentary elections. 

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15/01/2013 4:00 pm

New Year, Same Problems?

Much has occurred in the MENA region worthy of analysis since our last podcast so in today's Middle East Analysis our consultant Dr Harry Hagopian updates us on the region's trials and tribulations. As we approach the two-year anniversary of the uprising in Syria, will 2013 represent a new dawn or offer a bloodier version of the same story?

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