Syria's Christians and Regime Change

30/08/2012 4:35 pm

Dr Harry Hagopian, the Bishops' Consultant on the Middle East

In today's Middle East Analysis podcast, we pick up where we left off two weeks' ago. Bishops' consultant on the MENA region Dr Harry Hagopian takes a look at how the Christians of Syria are reacting to the turmoil in their country and the prospect of regime change.

...how Syria's Christians view regime change

"Any Christian worth his or her salt should understand that when somebody is fighting for dignity, for freedom, to clothe the naked, to feed the hungry, to free the prisoner, what they are actually doing is paraphrasing the Sermon on the Mount. In that sense, I believe the Christians are very much part and parcel of the aspirations of all Syrian people to have a freer, more democratic country, a country where they can celebrate their citizenship rather than hide behind certain small privileges that are given to the elite rather than to the whole country.

"There are fears and concerns but they shouldn't be impediments to Syrian society and the wider region moving forward to a better future." "

...the Non-Aligned Movement

The second topic we cover on Middle East Analysis sees us discuss the 16th Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement taking place in the Iranian capital Tehran.

"This is a golden opportunity for Iran to talk about its nuclear file given the pressures that it is under from the West... It wants to promote the Syria/regime reality because Iran and Syria are very close and Iran sees Syria as a beachhead to the whole Middle East North Africa region.

"If you look at what's called the 'Resistance Rectangle' in the Middle East North Africa - Iran, Syria, Hezbollah in southern Lebanon and Hamas. Hamas has already left this rectangle, Hezbollah is having serious thoughts about how it should proceed. Now you have Syria and Iran - Iran wants to make sure its allies in the region don't disappear."

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Today's Middle East Analysis podcast, with Bishops' Consultant on the MENA region Dr Harry Hagopian, focuses on Syria and the Non-Aligned Movement meeting in Tehran.   mena-24.mp3 10.04 MB