United Nations Status of Palestine, Egyptian Constitution and Syria

04/12/2012 10:44 am

Old man on the street in Jerusalem

It has been a mere two weeks since our last Middle East Analysis podcast, when, with our MENA consultant Dr Harry Hagopian, we looked at events in Lebanon and Syria. Since then, three major news have emanated from the region. 

Today, we grapple with...

  • the United Nations General assembly vote granting Palestine the status of 'Non-Observer Member State' - the same status the Holy See was granted in the 60s.
  • the draft Egyptian constitution and referendum
  • reports of the movement of chemical weapons in Syria

The full podcast can be downloaded/played at the top right-hand corner of this page.

Duration: 19m 28s

If you have downloaded the podcast and want to pick out a specific subject, here are the timings:

UN status of Palestine: Start - 10m 15s

Egyptian constitution: 10m 16s - 15m 9s

Syria: 15m 10s - End


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In today's 'Middle East Analysis', our consultant on the region, Dr Harry Hagopian, looks at Palestine's new status at the United Nations - the General Assembly voted to bestow on it Non-Observer Member State status. We also look at Egypt's draft constitution and catch-up on the on-going tragedy that is Syria.   mena29.mp3 14.24 MB