A Ceasefire - or Hudna - Between Israel and Hamas

22/11/2012 7:25 pm

Dr Harry Hagopian, the Bishops' Consultant on the Middle East

In today's Middle East Analysis podcast, Dr Harry Hagopian, the Bishops' consultant on the Middle East North African region, takes a close look at the eight-day conflict between Israel and Hamas that raged over the Israel/Gaza border.

Egypt was at the centre of a negotiated ceasefire - or hudna - that clearly and simply instructed both sides to stop all hostilities and called for crossings to be opened for the "movement of people and transfer of trade".

Egypt's foreign minister Mohamed Kamel Amr and US secretary of state Hillary Clinton announced the truce between Hamas and Israel that took effect on Wednesday 21 November 2012, 9pm Cairo time. 

Duration: 24m 15s


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In today's 'Middle East Analysis', our consultant on the MENA region Dr Harry Hagopian offers his in-depth, multi-faceted analysis of the ceasefire - or hudna - brokered by Egypt to bring an end to eight days of violence between Israel and Hamas.   israel-gaza-221112.mp3 8.85 MB