Turbulent six weeks in the Middle East

10/11/2011 1:00 pm

Dr Harry Hagopian, the Bishops' Consultant on the Middle East

The 'Arab Awakening' - initially dubbed the 'Arab Spring' - started in Tunisia in December 2010. Since then, those revolutions and popular revolts have already enveloped Egypt, Libya, Syria, Yemen and Bahrain. Today, the whole Middle East North Africa region is in a state of flux - even fear - about the unknown or the unpredictable.

In today's extended Middle East Analysis, Dr Harry Hagopian looks back at the major events that took place in the past six weeks and analyses both the nature and direction of those changes as well as their impact on the region's people - including the indigenous Christian communities.

We look at...

  • The death of Qadhaffi and a new dawn for Libya
  • Ongoing bloodshed in Syria and its impact on Lebanon and the region as a whole
  • Israel and Palestine
  • Post revolution elections in Tunisia and Egypt

Duration: 25m 28s

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