Libya: Qadhaffi's Regime on the Brink

25/08/2011 9:00 am

Libya uprising

As Colonel Qadhaffi's regime teeters on the the brink, Dr Harry Hagopian offers his analysis of the challenges facing the National Transition Council (NTC) in Libya in this Middle East Analysis podcast.

"The first thing in terms of state building would be to have security. Security is the most important thing. Security is something, I believe, the National Transitional Council has already started applying across the country but I think it will really become possible once Qadhaffi is captured. He represents that symbolism of an old regime still lurking in the corridors. So the focus is security, security security. Following that, the Libyans themselves should address the idea of institution building."

Dr Hagopian is an international lawyer and consultant to the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales on the Middle East. He's also a former Assistant General Secretary of the Middle East Council of Churches.

Duration: 18m 46s

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