Middle East Analysis

Palestine: How do we retain hope for a peaceful future?

05/07/2016 4:08 pm

This Middle East Analysis podcast comes just before Eid at the end of Ramadan and it's only right that our thoughts and prayers are for the victims of the horrific bombings in Turkey, Iraq, Yemen and Saudi Arabia.

Today's focus is on Palestine and our studio guest is Fr Jamal Khader, Dean of Arts at Bethlehem University and also Chair of its Department of Religious Studies.

Dr Harry Hagopian, the Bishops' Middle East North Africa consultant, is in the interviewer's hotseat to discuss a longer-term regional wound in the Holy Land.

Fr Khader discuss the realities of living in Palestine, fifty years of military occupation, the Bishops' annual Holy Land Coordination pilgrimage and more.

"In 2017 we will commemorate 50 years of Israeli military occupation of the Palestinian lands. We are talking about half-a-century of military occupation and hardship for Palestinians - including Christians.

"Living under military occupation means that all aspects of life are controlled by the army - our economy, the right of movement, leaving the country - every single aspect. We are living in a difficult situation.

"We are working in difficult times where people are losing hope in a peaceful future. Many think of emigrating - of leaving the country. Working for human rights and for the end of occupation - the source of many evils in our land - is a primary task for all peace-lovers in the world including Palestinian Christians."

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