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Is there an Easter in the Middle East North Africa region?

22/03/2016 3:46 pm

As we near the end of Lent, we have listened to the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ from St Luke's Gospel read in our churches on Palm Sunday and our focus is squarely on Jerusalem for Holy Week.

It's appropriate then, that for today's Middle East Analysis podcast, we widen our gaze to discuss the Passion and Resurrection in context with the whole MENA region with our regular studio guest, Dr Harry Hagopian.

But we have a special guest too. Bishop Declan Lang, Chair of our International Affairs department joins us as we look at Christ's sacrifice played out in front of suffering and conflict from Libya to Gaza and from Yemen to Syria.

However, this isn't a podcast analysing specific country realities. Today we're asking the question:

Will the MENA region get beyond the suffering and pain of the Cross to the salvation and hope of the empty tomb?

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Total duration: 21m 22s


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