Middle East Analysis

Letter to the Syrian President and Egypt Update

We take a look at two countries that are seldom out of the international headlines these days - Syria and Egypt. The main segment of our 'Middle East Analysis' programme sees us discuss a letter to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad asking him, as the incumbent with a strong say in the future of the country, whether he would be willing to step aside in consideration of Syria's future good and that of its people. The letter's author is our regular studio guest Dr Harry Hagopian. He tells us why he wrote it.

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Crisis Response

In this 'Catholic News' podcast we speak to Bishop Richard Moth about how he's responding to the refugee crisis. As the newly installed Bishop of Arundel and...Read more


Port Chaplains

Seafarers work long hours, often below deck, in a near 'invisible world' so for this year's Sea Sunday podcast we're talking to two Apostleship of the Sea po...Read more

Prayer Podcast


Today we turn our prayerful attention to Saint Bernard of Clairvaux for our 'Schools of Prayer' podcast series. Sr Mary Apolline from the Berdardine Cisterci...Read more