Middle East Analysis

Holy Land Coordination 2016

The focus for today's programme is the Holy Land Coordination - a week long pilgrimage made by bishops from across Europe, North America and South Africa to visit and support the local Christian communities of the Holy Land. Our studio guests are our regional analyst, the international lawyer and consultant to our bishops Dr Harry Hagopian and also we're very pleased to welcome Bishop Declan Lang, Chair of our International Affairs department.

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Prayer Podcast


Today it's the turn of St Ignatius as we look at Ignatian prayer and spirituality for our 'Schools of Prayer' podcast series. St Ignatius of Loyola founded t...Read more


Crisis Response

In this 'Catholic News' podcast we speak to Bishop Richard Moth about how he's responding to the refugee crisis. As the newly installed Bishop of Arundel and...Read more


Port Chaplains

Seafarers work long hours, often below deck, in a near 'invisible world' so for this year's Sea Sunday podcast we're talking to two Apostleship of the Sea po...Read more