Cardinal calls on government to help end suffering in Dafur


Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Connor has called on Governments around the world to do all in their power to help end the suffering in Darfur. “The situation”, he said, “is catastrophic in terms of the violence, the murders, the displacement of people.”

He was speaking on Sunday, September 17, 2006 when he joined other religious leaders in prayers outside Downing Street, London, seeking an end to the suffering in Darfur.
Also taking part in the prayers were leaders from the Anglican Church, and the Muslim and Jewish faiths. The prayers formed part of a ‘Global Day for Darfur’ in which campaigners sought to highlight the crisis which has left hundreds of thousands dead and millions displaced from their homes.

Full text of Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor’s prayer.

Prayer for Darfur

O God, Father of mercy, you love mankind with an infinite love. You are the Father who created us by love; we are your sons and daughters, all brothers and sisters among ourselves. Why is there so much hatred and division in the world and in the Sudan in particular?

Have mercy on the oppressed and vexed people of Darfur. They have been suffering for a long time. Many have lost relatives in a violent way. A great number were forced to abandon their houses, their properties and their villages in order to save their lives. Among them many are children, women, elderly; they are innocent but they suffer for the wickedness of others, who should be their brothers. They are tired of being separated from their loved ones, far away from their homes, without sufficient food or water, opportunities for education or basic health care. They live without security, always in fear of being attacked. O loving Father, have mercy on them, let them go back to their homes and live in peace.

Bless those who help them, in the field in Darfur and abroad.

Touch the hearts and enlighten the minds of those responsible for this tragedy: government, soldiers, janjaweed, rebels fighting for greater equality and justice, so that they can reach a just and fair peace, not in the near future, but immediately. Everybody is tired of a war which cannot bring a solution to the problems.

Give courage to all the nations, in particular to the UN, EU, AU to be strong and more committed to help the Sudan to reach an agreement. O God, we know that, by your grace and by the good will of all, everything is possible, therefore we are confident that peace in Darfur is close at hand. Thank you, O Lord. Amen.