Bishops' Letter

General Election: Educating for the good of all

24/02/2015 11:00 am


The provision of good education is fundamental to the future of society. We want outstanding schools where success is not just narrowly based on league tables but on how the full potential of every child is developed.

Catholic schools and colleges seek to develop to their full potential the God-given gifts of every child. This includes the spiritual dimension of life in which we live as friends of Jesus Christ.

Catholic schools serve over 845,000 children in England and Wales and are generally more ethnically diverse than many other schools. They make a positive contribution to society as they help pupils to become good citizens with clear moral principles to guide their lives and thereby help build up the network of relationships in society.

Future government policy should ensure that the poorest have access to high quality education and that Catholic parents have true choice for educating their children in Catholic schools.

How will candidates in your constituency ensure the best outcomes for the poorest children?

Will they support parental choice for faith-based education?


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Respecting Life

Supporting Marriage and Family Life

Alleviating Poverty

Educating for the good of all

Building Communities
- Europe
- The Voluntary Sector
- Living Wage and the Dignity of Human Work
- Asylum and Immigration
- Religious Freedom

Caring for the World
- Overseas Aid and Development
- Climate Change and Sustainable Development


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General Election 2015

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The Bishops' letter to Catholics in England and Wales about the 2015 General Election. 


Welsh: General Election 2015

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The Bishops' letter to Catholics in England and Wales about the 2015 General Election. Welsh language version.