Bishops' Letter

General Election: Caring for the World

24/02/2015 11:00 am


God has given us a good world in which to live and an abundance of gifts of which we are the stewards. Such gifts are distributed unevenly across the world. There is a great gulf between the rich and the poor.

We are not the owners of these goods but the custodians of them and they should be for the benefit of all people. As members of one human family, the richer nations such as ours have a duty to help the development of the poorer nations.

What are the views of your candidates about overseas aid and development?

We know that caring for the planet involves concern for the environment and protecting the livelihood of the poorest people in the world.

What are the views of your candidates on tackling climate change and supporting sustainable development?


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Respecting Life

Supporting Marriage and Family Life

Alleviating Poverty

Educating for the good of all

Building Communities
- Europe
- The Voluntary Sector
- Living Wage and the Dignity of Human Work
- Asylum and Immigration
- Religious Freedom

Caring for the World
- Overseas Aid and Development
- Climate Change and Sustainable Development


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General Election 2015

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The Bishops' letter to Catholics in England and Wales about the 2015 General Election. 


Welsh: General Election 2015

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The Bishops' letter to Catholics in England and Wales about the 2015 General Election. Welsh language version.