This Year's Theme

27/01/2014 12:55 pm

Young people walk in the shadow of Auschwitz-Birkenau

The theme for HMD 2014 is 'Journeys'. 

Those rounded up for the Nazi death camps or the forced labour camps of Cambodia endured hellish, terrifying journeys before they were killed. Children and others escaped Nazi Germany and journeyed as refugees to countries where they could be safe.

After the genocide there were further journeys to make: to find a homeland; to find reconciliation with the descendants of those who had perpetrated such evil.

Church and Synagogue still have a long journey to make before ‘all people will call on God with one voice and “serve him shoulder to shoulder”’ Nostra Aetate, paragraph 4.



Resources and Links


HMD Booklet

hmd-2014-booklet.pdf 2.88 MB

A resource booklet to help parishes and Catholics mark the 2014 Holocaust Memorial Day. With thanks to Fr Chris Jackson and Fr Dan Fitzpatrick.