Assisted Suicide: Sense and Nonsense

'Assisted dying' is often in the news. There's a Private Member's Bill before Parliament to try to legalise it. But just what is 'assisted dying'? What does the law say about it? What do doctors have to say about it? What does the Catholic Church say about it and what are the problems with it? In this section, we'll answer some frequently asked questions and give you useful links and resources to find out more.

Download the Bishops' Conference Q&A on 'assisted dying': Sense and Nonsense 182.52 kB



Here you will find some answers to frequently asked questions such as the definition of 'assisted dying', information highlighting the current legal context,...Read more


Q&A - Welsh

Yma fe welwch rai atebion i gwestiynau fel y diffiniad o 'farw gyda chymorth', gwybodaeth tynnu sylw at y cyd-destun cyfreithiol presennol, newidiadau arfaet...Read more



In this section you will find links to websites and recommended further reading on the subject of assisted suicide - from parliament and the law to surveys,...Read more

Bishops' Document

Cherishing Life

In 2004, the Bishops of England and Wales released a document called 'Cherishing Life'. It examined in detail our roles and responsibilities as Catholics to live well and uphold our God-given human dignity and that of those around us. The document focused on a wide range of subjects from marriage and the family, to morality, sexuality and bioethics. The Church's teaching on abortion, euthanasia, assisted suicide, love and relationships, embryo experimentation and medical research are explained in 'Cherishing Life'. 

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