Catholic 2012

Catholic 2012

Lanes at the London 2012 track

Britain and the Commonwealth are preparing for a summer full of parties. We want to ensure that local communities in Britain - and globally – suitably celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the Olympic Torch Relay and both the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. 

Opportunities abound to 

  • get your parish, school or organisation to deepen community together
  • use the Games for their original purpose of building a civilisation of peace 
  • gather the nation’s and world’s youth next to the Games at The Joshua Camp
  • raise awareness around Games-connected social issues of justice and peace
  • host the family members or friends of Olympic athletes and officials
  • volunteer a few or more days in service near to an Olympic venue
  • discuss and promote the dignity and potential of every person 
  • pray and spiritually support the world gathering together as one

Whether your parish or school has already begun to plan events or not, there are many ways in which we can all make the most of the many opportunities that this summer’s parties offer us. Numerous free downloads, resources and even hands-on training days exist to help local Catholics to plan and prepare for Britain’s greatest summer of parties. 

Let’s not miss out on what Catholics at recent winter and summer Olympic and Paralympic Games have said: “Make sure Britain doesn’t ignore this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get involved as we left it too late!”


Parish Event Planner

parish-event-planner.pdf 781.41 kB

An event planner from the '100 Days of Peace' initiative to help parishes make peace the legacy of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.


Social Justice

2012-social-justice.pdf 664.42 kB

The 2012 Games will create significant social justice issues. Some key areas of concern are homelessness, Human Trafficking and Prostitution, Fair Trade and Environmental justice.


Release Peace

Release Peace.pdf 4.82 MB

A PDF resource for teachers to use to prepare children and young people of all key stages in the creation of a culture of peace for the games of the XXX Olympiad and a legacy beyond.