Prayer Podcast

Learning from the Desert Fathers and Mothers

As the persecution and martyrdom of the early Christians came to an end at the beginning of the fourth century, a new form of heroic holiness began to emerge in the deserts of Egypt. Its most famous icon was St Anthony the Great, sometimes known as Anthony of the Desert.

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Middle East Analysis

Gaza in 2015

In this extended podcast Bishop Declan Lang is joined by our Middle East North Africa consultant, Dr Harry Hagopian, to talk about his visit to Gaza in Janua...Read more

film podcast

Oscars 2015

It's time for a 'Faith and Film' podcast special. We're looking at the Academy Awards - the Oscars - with resident film critic Fr Peter Malone. Read more


£25,000 Grant

The Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation has announced a £25,000 grant award for the proposed project for a Pugin and St Augustine Education, Research, and Visitor...Read more


General Election 2015

Catholics across England and Wales are asked to engage with the General Election that will take place on Thursday, 7 May 2015. It is up to each person how they vote and voting should seldom, if ever, be based on a single issue. However, “As Catholics we are called to work for a world shaped by the Gospel of Jesus Christ”. We will be uploaded comprehensive Election content here in due course. Read more