Middle East

Christians, the Middle East and a Synod!

MiddleEastSynod1.pdf 205.78 kB

Concluding Statement

Concluding Statement Middle East Synod.pdf 224.72 kB

Reflection and Prayer for Iraq

1-prayer-file.pdf 204.29 kB

Bishop Kenney - Iraq Requiem Mass

Bishop-Kenney-Sermon-Mass-Iraqi-Nov10.pdf 24.65 kB

Settlements and Peace: an Oxymoron?

Settlements-Peace.pdf 192.20 kB

Arab Citizens or only Arab Christians?

arab-citizens-arab-christians.pdf 245.79 kB

Palestine Papers & Palestine Realities

Palestine Paper and Palestine Realities.pdf 201.85 kB

Struggling for the Arab Soul?

Struggling-for-the-Arab-Soul.pdf 222.52 kB

A loss to Pakistan and to a pluralistic world

pakistan-pluralistic-world.pdf 229.75 kB

A loss to Pakistan and a pluralistic world

A loss to Pakistan and a pluralistic world.pdf 230.26 kB