Legislation and Public Policy

Documents supporting the e-CPPD section

Bishops' submission to the UK consultation on the European Commission proposal for an Equal Treatment Directive (pdf)

CBCEW_SCBC_UK_consultation_Euro_Commission_Equal_Treatment_Directive.pdf 65.29 kB

Equality Bill: Bishops' Conference Initial Parliamentary Briefing (MS Word)

Committee_submission_FINAL_270509.doc 44.00 kB

Equality Bill: Bishops' Conference submission to the Scrutiny Committee (MS Word)

Committee_submission_FINAL_270509.doc 44.00 kB

National dementia strategy consultation - a joint response by the Bishops' Conference and the Church of England (pdf)

Dementia_Consulation_response_CofE_and_CBCEW_8Sept08.pdf 76.14 kB

Catholic Bishops' Conference submission to the Charity Commission consultation on Public Benefit and Advancement of Religion (pdf)

Final CBCEW submission_charity commission consultation on public benefit and advancement of religion_July2008.pdf 193.16 kB

The Mental Capacity Act and 'Living Wills' - a Practical Guide for Catholics

MCA Guide - A5 - 29 pages.pdf 288.84 kB

Discrimination Law Review (Single Equality Bill proposal): consultation response

Discrimination_Law_Review_CRC response.pdf 248.02 kB

DTI Covering Letter: Archbishop Peter Smith

FINAL Covering letter from Arch Peter Smith 9.6.06.pdf 94.92 kB

Submission to the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Consultation (June 2006)

FINAL Submission to DTI _9 6 06_ _2_.pdf 219.66 kB

Joint submission on the Human Tissue and Embryos (draft) Bill

FINAL CBCEW - Linacre Joint submission on Human Tissue and Embryos (draft) Bill.pdf 81.52 kB