Bishopric of the Forces

Pope Benedict announces Mgr Moth will be next Catholic Bishop of the Forces (pdf)

Nunciature_Bishop_Forces_announcement_250709.pdf 280.52 kB

Statement from the Archdiocese of Southwark (pdf)

SOUTHWARK_Forces_Mgr_Moth_announcement.pdf 29.45 kB

Statement from the Bishopric of the Forces (pdf)

BISHOPRIC_Forces_Mgr_Moth_announcement.pdf 135.94 kB

Mgr Richard Moth: High-res image 1500 x 1000px (jpeg)

Mgr_Moth_1500px.jpg 888.19 kB

Homily: Bishop Moth, Remembrance Sunday 2009 (pdf)

+Moth_Remembrance_Sunday_homily_2009.pdf 35.82 kB